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26 April 2011 @ 10:39 am

My heart has left me 

I am abandoned 

For what great sin? 

I do not know. 


The light I see by;  

By which I'm seen 

Has hid her face

Away from me. 


My sword, my shield, 

The chariot I ride; 

They all are gone now 

Far from my side.


The earth I root in; 

The rain I drink; 

All gone away now: 

I have no strength.


Why can't she tell me 

What I did wrong? 

What crime so horrid 

I may not hope?

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21 April 2011 @ 10:47 am
I invoke the name of Oghma wise:
Sire of eloquence,
De Dannan sage.
May my words be persuasive, beautiful and true.

I invoke the triple name
Banba, Fodhla, Eiru
The matron of our soverignty, the spirit of the land

I invoke the name Manannan,
The sea-lord, just and kind;
Bearing Eire's chidlren
To spread across the world.

I invoke the name of Lugh Lamhfada
Samildanach, the shining one.
Slayer of tyrants, defender of the true
The Spear of the Sun is his to bear

By these gods my song invokes
By root, by branch, by leaf
By standing stone and dolmen arch
By earth and sea and sky

I call all Gael warriors,
Whereever they may bide
Beidh Saoirse in Ulaidh anois!

21 April 2011 @ 10:19 am

Throughout this tearful world
In far too many lands;
Opressing Gaia's youngest children
Regimes of polution stand.

Tyranny and slavery
Break too many souls.
Mourn and weep and howl.

All ye whose hearts are sure
Ale ye both brave and true
All ye who cannot allow
These bonds most foul remain:

Now draw thy swords, prepare thy spells,
Petition all thy gods
By Lugh, it's time to stand and fight
And end the tyrant's reign!

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22 July 2010 @ 06:51 am
 Come with me to Tir na nOg
The blessed Isle of youth
Come with me across the sea
To last home of the Sidhe

Come to Manannan's land
Where none shall age
And none shall die

Then we'll slip away to Tir na mBan
On the Isle of Women we'll spend the day
Then home again across the sea

With bardic gifts to share
A shaman changed, reborn to know
The friendship of the Fey.
20 July 2010 @ 12:29 pm
 The despot rulers 
From o'er the wall
From o'er the sea
From Foreign land

Craving Land, Craving Wealth
Craving power and gold
Stealing tongues, Stealing songs 
Stealing lives

They care not 
What they destroy
All they know is 
You're in the way

They'll break your souls
And make you slaves
Or push you out
And have their way

But tyrants fall
Invaders fail
Freedom rings 
In wind and storm

The songs you sing
Tongue of your soul
Unite the clans
Draw out the tribes

One voice whispers
Two more murmur
But add one more
And two and three

And like avalanche
Or tidal wave
Your voice, your song, your tongue
A call, a shout, a roar

And tyrants flee
09 June 2010 @ 01:59 pm
 On a blust'ry winter's night
when the Wild Hunt's hounds howl
The village gathers round the hearth
sheltered by walls of stone and wood and hide,
Our focus on the wanderer
the Sennachie, the stranger.
He lights his pipe, he clears his throat,
The whiskey wets his tongue.
A hush, expectant hits the crowd,
like a silent, snow-soft quilt
Attention poised, consciousness raised
As the tattered trav'ler declaims.
What songs, what chants, what tales of eld
What magic is renewed
In the honeyed voice, the ancient words,
from the heart and soul of the storyteller. 
16 May 2010 @ 01:46 pm
There was a time
Not so long gone,
When Mountains and Trees
Told their secrets and lore
To Druid and Shaman and Wizard

There was a time
A short age ago,
When the Crones and old men
Were honored as wise,
Not shunned or feared
For their wrinkles and frailties.

 There was a time
When the children of God
Were more than cogs
in the machine.

There was a time
When life was lived
By the Sun and the Moon
And the Stars
When the festivals told
Of the seasons
Of life.

There once was a time
When the Kings and Queens
Served the Land
And the people
And God.

There was a time
Not long ago
But almost...
04 May 2010 @ 06:35 pm
Summer's born
The Beltaine fire
Burns on the hill

By the standing stone
Where it o'er looks
The sacred pool

In the vale the fair folk dance
With the children of the bards
The Maypole they do twine

Auld Barleycorn's dead
And buried in the field
To be reborn ere Samhain comes
To strengthen arms and hearts

Servants of creation
And children of our God
Come join in praise
To the creator king.

Somhairle Mac a' Ghobhain
18 April 2009 @ 06:28 pm
Eire, Mother Eire,
Where have thy children fled
Like wild geese on mad storm sped
They fly

Eire, Mother Eire,
Where will thy children rest
Thy blood  all nations they will bless,
Heart's cry.
02 April 2009 @ 06:52 pm
M'ladies Morrigan, grant this boon
As I battle destitution

M'lady Badb, gird my loins
Armor me from hunger and cold

M'lady Macha, grant me arms,
Give me the tools to find a job

Lady Nemain, Teach me skill,
Victory comes to thy chosen

M'ladies three this is my plea
From poverty I would be free